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Mission statement of FIRMENPUNKT GmbH

Everything from one source - always!

We are a full-size service center for business customers.

From the creation of a complex website to a comprehensive internet application, we offer complete support, from update service to complex further development.

Satisfaction as the smallest requirement

The customer determines our actions.

This is why we align our business activities in such a way that maximum customer satisfaction is of the highest priority. Long-term cooperation and first-class service characterise our customer relations.

Consultation or good advice?

"Good advice is expensive," as the saying goes. It doesn't have to be that way.

In modern business life, it is essential to have a reliable and trustworthy partner in the service, consulting and IT sector. We make our know-how available to you so that you can achieve your goals more easily, faster and better and pave the way for you by implementing your requirements and delivering new innovative concepts. During consulting and sales talks we remain true to our principle "Customer satisfaction determines our success". The relationships with our business partners are characterized by integrity and mutual trust.

Transparenz und Kostensicherheit

Ein wesentlicher Schwerpunkt unserer Unternehmenskultur ist die genaue und transparente Kostenaufstellung für unsere Kunden. Die Preise für unsere Produkte und Dienstleistungen werden in Verbindung mit exakt definierten Pflichten- und Lastenheften vor Auftragsbeginn festgelegt und können jederzeit punktgenau aufgeschlüsselt werden. Dadurch ermöglichen wir unseren Kunden optimale Planungssicherheit bei Internet- und Softwareprojekten. 

Quality as a foundation

All products and services of FIRMENPUNKT® are exclusively created by qualified personnel. As pioneers in the sector of new media production, we have introduced a comprehensive quality assurance programme. Our system for assuring the quality of creative services enables us to optimise our value-added chain, enabling us to offer high-quality Internet products at customer-friendly prices.  In the area of application development, our programming teams adapt precisely to the requirements of our customers and deliver only quality results.

Highest standards guarantee sustainability

Lifelong learning is essential in today's information society. This also applies to us! Technical trends and new technologies are taken up and developed by our team. So that our customers are always up-to-date.

Unser Team

Qualified personnel:

The qualified personnel is continuously trained at FIRMENPUNKT®. For this purpose, internal and external training courses are held regularly.

In addition, our technical staff regularly participates in external training and courses.


FIRMENPUNKT lays great emphasis on a highly qualified training of all trainees. All trainees have the obligation to regularly participate in additional training and further education events and are individually challenged and supported. FIRMENPUNKT expects above-average performance from its trainees at vocational school and in examinations, as good theory is the basis for optimal professional work in practice.

You can find more about our background in our