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Sustainability at FIRMENPUNKT

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In 2015, the global community adopted a sustainability roadmap for the future, the 2030 Agenda. The 2030 Agenda aims to make a decent life possible worldwide while permanently preserving the natural foundations of life.

This sustainability roadmap includes economic, ecological and social aspects. All actors are called upon to align their actions accordingly.

For us at FIRMENPUNKT, sustainability is not just a trend, but genuine conviction. There are many reasons that make environmentally friendly and socially responsible action necessary.

From climate change, to the high proportion of environmental exploitation, to the issues of social justice and diversity, there are plenty of reasons for companies to live more sustainably and take on social responsibility.

We as FIRMENPUNKT face these challenges.

  • Green electricity: Our electricity in the company comes 100% from renewable and regional sources.
  • Responsible use of energy: All our lighting in the office is provided by energy-saving LED lighting. All computers, including peripheral devices, are switched off completely at the end of the working day by means of stand-by switches.
  • Company vehicles: Our company vehicles are electric or hybrid. From the beginning of 2023, we will only have purely electric vehicles.
  • For business trips, we use buses and trains whenever possible, and if we do have to fly, we compensate for the CO2 emissions we generate.
  • We mainly buy office supplies and technology fairly and ecologically.
  • We return our consumables such as toner cartridges to the recycling loop.
  • Our data centre partner only uses green electricity to operate its data centre.
  • For a low-emission commute, our employees receive a mobility allowance for the use of public transport.
  • By using intelligent heating concepts and technology, we save heating energy without reducing the well-being of our employees in the office.
  • We compensate our small remaining CO2 emissions completely via projects of ClimateHero


Our employees are the engine of our company.

As a signatory, FIRMENPUNKT stands for the goals of the Diversity Charter without any ifs and buts.

In order to enable an appreciative and social working environment for all, we stand for the following, general and financial, values:

  • No gender pay gap
  • Transparent salaries
  • Flexible working time models and mobile office arrangements
  • Ongoing company training concepts
  • Extensive provision of further training opportunities for personal aspirations
  • Meal allowance and allowance in kind
  • Recreation allowance
  • Company health insurance
  • Increased subsidy for company pension scheme, etc.