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Our Projects for the Digitalization of Business Processes

  • Introduction and development of several employee portals that comply with data protection regulations
  • Definition and content development of a social economy system
  • Digitalization of quality management systems
  • Development and implementation of ERP systems for the ancillary building trade
  • Configuration of an image database for a leading industrial company
  • Introduction and adaptation of Navision
  • Definition, introduction and development of various intranet portals
  • Porting of software developments into cloud applications
  • And others

Our Software and Application Developments

  • Development of a quality management software
  • Development of enterprise resource management systems for marketing companies
  • Development of enterprise resource management systems for recruitment agencies
  • Development of enterprise resource planning systems for the ancillary building trade
  • Development of a large number of Intranet applications
  • Development of a comprehensive social economy system as OEM (market leader in Germany)
  • Development of a variety of internet portals and systems, also as SaaS applications
  • Comprehensive range of mobile APP developments (management of kindergartens, management of Refugee Homes, QM manuals as APP, ERM systems as APP and many more)
  • And more

Our Consulting Services on Digital Transformation for Medium-Sized Businesses

  • Lectures on industry 4.0 and digital transformation on a regular basis
  • Several in-house consultations per year on practical implementation issues in digital transformation
  • Several workshops per year on the use of digital tools in the implementation of digitalization
  • And much more