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Digitalization of Business Processes

The digital transformation is one of the major challenges of the present, which companies have to face today.

Change is essential if they want to be competitive tomorrow. Companies sometimes differ considerably, even if they have the same business model. For example in their size, corporate culture, internal organization, employee training and strategy.

A successful digital transformation must be based on the existing and future conditions in the company and must not end in individual isolated applications.

Added value can therefore only be created by a consistent implementation of digitalization and automation of business processes.

Polls show that:

  • 35 percent of medium-sized companies have achieved an increase in sales after successful digitalization of their business processes.
  • 44 percent of SMEs have increased the quality of their products and services after successful digitalization of their business processes.
  • 45 percent have significantly increased customer satisfaction through improved feedback.

Companies that digitalize their business processes provide their employees with decisive advantages:

  • Employees can concentrate on the important strategic and value-adding projects.
  • The communication between different departments improves considerably and promotes efficient working throughout the company.
  • The digitalized processes make it possible to comply with data security and data protection laws, such as the European Privacy Act, faster and easier.
  • The processes also simplify the implementation of active compliance management.

Digitalized business processes offer companies in almost all industries decisive added value.

  • They increase flexibility and help to eliminate weaknesses.
  • Time-consuming and stressful manual work can be automated.
  • Recurring, simple decision-making processes can be simplified by defined algorithms and many action processes can be accelerated.
  • Employee satisfaction and motivation can be increased significantly, leading to a noticeable increase in the efficiency of the entire organization.
  • A digitalization of business processes has a profitable effect on the entire value chain of a company. This is the decisive and noticeable added value of digital transformation.

How we accompany you:

  • We analyse your company with you regarding the maturity level of your digital business processes.
  • Together we develop the digitalization plan that fits your company.
  • We support you in the implementation with words and deeds.

We are available for a first meeting with pleasure.