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Consulting in digitalization and digital transformation for medium-sized businesses

Since 1996, we have been supporting small and medium-sized businesses in the areas of software development and digitalization of business processes.

However, the significance of digitalization today goes far beyond this and will change our life and work even faster than in the past.

While in 1997 the knowledge or rather the amount of information of mankind doubled every 5 to 7 years, today this rate is only a few months.

But information didn't and doesn't automatically mean knowledge. Until recently, this information could not yet be transformed extensively into knowledge, or rather understanding.

However, this has changed dramatically with the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the availability of immense amounts of data.

Our claim is a holistic approach that takes  the operational goals, employee culture and developments in the industry into account. This always starts with the fact that "We have to do something" becomes a conviction to trade.

Since hardly any company today starts from scratch, we first analyse the maturity level of the digital business processes and then develop a way to realise the goal step by step.

We support your company in all phases of digitalization, always with the claim of company-wide acceptance.

How can small and medium-sized businesses participate and profit from this?

First of all: You have to get started! The digital transformation or digitalization is not a sprint, but rather a triathlon.

With the introduction of new software, the digital transformation is far from being complete:

  • There must be a strategic, digital orientation of the entire organization.
  • The processes and working methods must be provided with a proper portion of future orientation.
  • Your employees should be convinced and taken along and personnel development possibilities should be defined.
  • The (digital) future of the company must be clear to everyone.

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