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Our Projects for the Digitization of Business Processes

  • Introduction and development of several employee portals that comply with data protection regulations
  • Definition and content development of a social economy system
  • Digitisation of quality management systems
  • Development and implementation of ERP systems for the ancillary building trade
  • Configuration of an image database for a leading industrial company
  • Introduction and adaptation of Navision
  • Definition, introduction and development of various intranet portals
  • Porting of software developments into cloud applications
  • And others

Our Software and Application Developments

  • Development of a quality management software
  • Development of enterprise resource management systems for marketing companies
  • Development of enterprise resource management systems for recruitment agencies
  • Development of enterprise resource planning systems for the ancillary building trade
  • Development of a large number of Intranet applications
  • Development of a comprehensive social economy system as OEM (market leader in Germany)
  • Development of a variety of internet portals and systems, also as SaaS applications
  • Comprehensive range of mobile APP developments (management of kindergartens, management of Refugee Homes, QM manuals as APP, ERM systems as APP and many more)
  • And more

Our Consulting Services on Digital Transformation for Medium-Sized Businesses

  • Lectures on industry 4.0 and digital transformation on a regular basis
  • Several in-house consultations per year on practical implementation issues in digital transformation
  • Several workshops per year on the use of digital tools in the implementation of digitization
  • And much more

Our Continuous Support in Data Protection (GDPR)

At the moment, we support over 50 companies in the area of data protection. With 4 trained data protection officers, we support our customers as external data protection officers, via data protection support for companies in no need for a legally required data protection officer, to data protection documentation maintenance and sensitisation and employee training.

We keep the documentation up to date and inform our customers about adjustments and changes in data protection.

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Christine Kröncke Interior Design

Business to Business- and Customer-Website.
Redesign, execution, technical realization, image editing, optimization.
content management system, online shop, database technology, and much more



Business to Customer-Website.
Proposal, design, concept, drafting, realization,
Database, Typo3, Javascript, CMS.



Business to Business-Website.
Design, conception, drafting, realization.