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1996 Foundation

After its foundation in 1996 as a partnership, the company's main field of activity was application and database development, intranet applications and technical consulting.


After an initial restructuring in 2001, the development of professional websites was expanded into an extended business field.

Our application and database areas were constantly evolving and we programmed a comprehensive ERP system for the ancillary building trade with customers throughout Europe.

The consistent focus on SMEs and larger medium-sized businesses met with such a great response that within a few years we have already created several hundred professional business websites, a large part of which we continue to maintain and support in-house.

Due to customer demand for complex business internet applications, we were able to expand our application development and databases division by these additional tasks in a further restructuring.

Consistent training and further education of our employees as well as our comprehensive quality assurance program ensure the highest quality and consistent implementation of customer requirements.

We achieved an extensive expansion of resources with a new partnership in China. This fruitful cooperation was and is an essential part of our past and future development.


In order to make it easier for our customers to find us on the Internet, we were again able to expand our "Internet" division. Search engine optimization and CMS systems to keep the websites consistently up-to-date were integrated as included content in our business website service package and have been consistently further developed since then.

Several other applications in the area of enterprise business applications and complex data analysis were realized in the following years.


After continuous customer inquiries we have decided to extend our service with well-founded internet marketing consultations and analyses.

In this business field we support several medium-sized companies in their Europe-wide and worldwide brand management (branding) as well as several companies in the implementation and realization of their internal and external communication policies.


The year 2009 brought new possibilities and opportunities. Since 2007, we have been observing the further development of smartphones and the opportunities and requirements that resulted from it. In the Internet sector, we have been developing solutions for mobile devices ever since in order to steadily expand our customers' success on the Internet.

In the area of application development, we began with the creation of a comprehensive, Internet-based ERP system in the area of rescue services in Germany.

2014 until today

With the increasing importance of the mobile Internet, we faced the challenge of enabling our ERP systems to be used by our customers via mobile APP applications. Since then we have been continuously developing new and easy to use APPs for our applications.

Due to our scalable development work, we were able to create a complete Refugee Application for the mobile administration of refugee accommodations under high pressure in only 3 months.

Already in 2016 we recognized the high requirements, which the new EU - data protection regulation would bring with it and started to build up the necessary know-how for our development areas and to integrate this knowledge into our products.

Especially in the areas of DSGVO compliant information management and information analysis we were able to develop extensive knowledge and approaches to solutions.

We are currently facing the challenges of machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize our applications.

Since the end of the transitional period for the implementation of the DSGVO, we have also been supporting our customers in the permanent implementation of data protection in their companies. This ranges from simple support to the assumption of tasks as an external data protection officer.

We also make the expertise we have acquired in these years available to interested companies in the form of external consulting services.